We are eager to receive your feedback and opinions on enhancing WRHOA

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Obtaining financial stability, has for the last two years, been a primary and necessary
focus for the WRHOA. At the AGM in March 2018 we were pleased to announce that,
with the assistance of our management company (Group Three), we have achieved that
goal with the majority ( 87 %) of our 1800 + members actively contributing to the HOA.
As a result we have balanced the books and have been able to establish a reserve
fund. A reserve fund is held for unexpected expenditures and planned improvements.

It is time for the HOA to explore enhancements to our community but first we need to
hear from you. As members of the WRHOA community you need to let us know what
improvements you would like to see. Some examples previously mentioned were:
increased lighting along our pathways, adding park benches, increased community
events, working with others to add a skating rink or spray park. I am sure you have
many more ideas and we want to hear them all so we can start moving forward.

Don’t wait for the next AGM to provide your thoughts !. Instead submit your ideas
to the board via the website www.westrutherford.ca or through the management
company Group Three Property Management Inc by phone at 780-641-0222 or email at

The WRHOA board meets regularly and this issue will be on each agenda. Any and all
ideas will be fully discussed at these meetings. We are committed to working with you,
and our community partners, in making your sought after improvements a reality.

Feedback on submissions, as well as any decisions made, will be directly
communicated to the contributing member and will be posted via the web site under

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