May 24, 2018

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At the March 15, 2018 AGM it was noted that many Homeowners were confused in respect to WRHOA dues paid and outstanding. As a result it was suggested that the WRHOA make statements accessible through the website. After much research it was determined that the electronic posting would require extensive security features in order to ensure information is only accessible to the Homeowner. These additional security features would be costly and would require a full time individual to monitor the website, change and upload statements.

Given consideration of the costs and the risks associated with posting financial information online the Board of Directors has determined that this action would not be in the best interest of the Homeowners. Ensuring that personal information remains private is imperative to the WRHOA. The Board has worked with the management company (Group Three) to ensure that future statements are presented in a format that is more easily understood.

In the interim if any clarification, information is required regarding your statement or even just a copy of your statement please contact Group Three Property management Inc. by phone at 780-641-0222/780-641-0230, by email at or through the WRHOA website




May 2018