Update for Homeowners in West Rutherford

  1. Annual General Meeting

Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting will be held in fall electronically via zoom.

As of now the Government is working on updates to legislation which will provide a clear direction on electronic meetings. These changes are anticipated to go into effect August 2021. Keeping that in mind the Board of Directors has decided to wait until all changes made to legislation have been finalized.

Please note that the statements for HOA fees will be mailed out to everyone early April 2021 and the Annual General Meeting Package with all documents will be provided to everyone prior to the AGM in fall.

  1. Board Members Election

We highly encourage Homeowners to put their name forward to become a board member at the next Annual General Meeting. Should you wish to express your interest in becoming a board member or have any questions regarding what this volunteering position entails please e-mail gabi@groupthree.ca

  1. Landscaping in West Rutherford

Last year the City of Edmonton was forced to limit landscape work in all communities due to Covid-19 outbreak. We have been informed that this year only one cycle of maintenance will be provided to West Rutherford due to budget challenges by the City.

There is a volunteer program available to the members of society who want to enhance and preserve their own green space.

If you are interested in signing up for the Partners in Parks program you can go to:


The West Rutherford HomeOwners Association will continue to maintain areas that fall under the HOA’s responsibility including the fences, Rutherford entrances and the fountains.

We appreciate all of the Homeowners patience during this difficult time, hoping everyone a safe 2021!



Board of Directors