2018 Survey Results

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our first West Rutherford Home Owner Association (WRHOA) Survey.  The purpose of the survey was to gather feedback from homeowners so that the board could amend policies where required and develop a plan of action aligned with the preferences of the HOA members.

A summary of the results are as follows:   


The survey was posted on our web site in December 2018, sent to 290 members with the January newsletter, and included with the annual information package sent to all 1841 members.


We received 147 responses which is sufficient to conclude the information represents the views of our members with a small margin of error.

Our WRHOA Community:

The feedback we received indicates that our community is a very stable one, comprised of long term owners with only a few rental properties

Awareness of the role and responsibilities of the HOA versus other community organizations, such as the community league, or the city of Edmonton, remain unclear to many, however the majority understood the purpose of the HOA to be in the following ranking order :

  • Preserve property values – maintain neighbourhood
  • Create enhancements
  • Encourage neighbourhood harmony
  • Organize social activities

Knowledge of the annual general meeting is increasing, with 99 % of those who responded stating they were aware of the AGM. In spite of this the majority (65 %) choose not to attend.  No reasons were provided.

With respect to the HOA dues and amount paid, 67% indicated the dues were appropriate with over a third (33 %) feeling it remains too high.  No one stated that the dues were too low.

Most members were aware of, and benefited from the early incentive reduction in payments.


The majority of the members indicated they received enough information, however a significant number (approximately 1/3) felt that communication was not sufficient and could be improved upon.

Preference on how information was received varied. When asked about their preferred method of communication, the majority indicated direct email, direct mail or newsletter. The online responders were inclined to include electronic sites. Less than 1% selected flyers delivered to the door. Many checked several methods. Email was the most preferred.

When asked about usage of the HOA web site, electronic users indicated that they had referenced the site, however paper responders indicated that they seldom did.  Facebook and Instagram are relatively new additions with utilization increasing, however there remains limited awareness of these options.

Communication methods were ranked in the following order of preference:

  1. Direct email
  2. Direct mail
  3. Newsletter
  4. Web site
  5. Facebook – Instagram
  6. Flyer

Relative to expressing an interest in participating as a Board Member,  5 people responded with a yes. Another 15 people indicated they would be interested to hearing more before deciding.


When asked about what kinds of activities members wanted the HOA to support, the interest was highest for the following:

  • Enhance landscape and trails
  • Community Garage Sale
  • Construct shaded sitting area in the park
  • Work with the city to resolve complaints
  • Work with the HPCL to create a safety watch
  • Pet control

Of secondary interest was:

  • Skating rink
  • Summer block party
  • Adult evening classes

Of very limited interest:

  • Picnics in the park
  • Indoor winter activities 
  • Creation of more events

Other suggestions included:

  • Building a recreational centre
  • Creating a spray park
  • Wine night

Only 2 members indicated they were interested in taking the lead on any initiative, however 19 were interested about hearing more.


Many indicated that safety remains an issue and ranked their concerns in the following order of priority:

  • Burglary and theft
  • Child safety
  • Traffic / speeding
  • Solicitation
  • Vandalism

Additional comments (47) were reviewed. Some were complimentary on enhancements such as the addition of Christmas lights. Comments indicated that members are confused about the roles and responsibilities of the HOA, and many were unaware of the accomplishments and contributions made within the past year. Concerns remain in the areas of communication, grounds keeping, need for enhancements, snow removal and pet control. The comments were reviewed and noted, and will be given careful consideration wherever possible.

Again the board greatly appreciates members taking the time to share their thoughts. We will now take time to collectively reflect upon your feedback and the themes that arise from it.

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