Board of Directors Report – March 2019

Board of Directors Report

Welcome to our West Rutherford Homeowners Annual General Meeting.

It is at the start of our meeting that we remind members that the West Rutherford HOA is a private, not-for- profit association operating for the long-term benefit of its members.The HOA was established by the area developer and in 2010  the association was transferred to the community to manage.  The HOA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected annually by fellow residents at the Annual General Meeting.  All board positions are voluntary and unpaid, but each position requires a personal commitment to our area and our membership.
We currently have 5 board members, which include Roland Baranowski, Vicki Andersen, Leiah Luoma, Chris Allen and myself, Cheryl Soenen-Peters. We have capacity for 9 board members. Later in tonight’s meeting there will be opportunity for you to indicate your interest in participating as a board member for the coming year.  We encourage you to add your voice to the board if you care about your community and the value of the West Rutherford Homeowners Association.
Our commitment as the HOA executive is to ensure the community continues to be well maintained and if possible enhanced over time.
Since our last AGM in March, 2018 the board has completed regular maintenance and explored solutions to issues brought to our attention and worked on enhancements to the community.

We have accomplished a number of items:

  • To improve communications with members; the HOA web site was restructured, a newsletter was produced and distributed via direct email list, and a Facebook page and Instagram were created.
  • The Christmas light display was augmented to include the lights at the T section at 119 St and Rutherford Rd.
  • Monitored and maintained the doggy bag stations on a biweekly basis.  Purchased an economical serviceable product resulting in reduced cost per household (under $ 3 per year).
  • An annual walk through was conducted – and where identified fence repair and painting was completed.
  • Community events were supported with financial support provided to the Heritage Valley Community League – fireworks for the July 1st celebrations and lighting for the outdoor snowbank rink.

Some issues we continue to work on:

  • Identification of issues. We continue to seek your feedback on a number of topics. Survey sent to all 1841 members. Just as a reminder …If you have not already done so, we ask that you complete the short survey included in AGM package. You can also complete it online as it is posted on the HOA website.  Information gathered will help shape our HOA focus for 2019.
  • Currently working with Johnny Bright School to increase bike racks In an effort to reduce the number of bicycles secured to trees around the school and park. Status – waiting for information on the product from the Edmonton School Board
  • Attempting to secure space at Johnny Bright School In order to provide additional indoor activities. Status – communicating with authorities to determine times, dates and space available.
  • Investigating the possibility of adding a shade structure to the playground area. Status – working with the City of Edmonton to determine possibility, process and associated costs.
  • Working in partnership with the Heritage Valley Community League to identify common issues and how we can work together on these.
  • Working closely with the City of Edmonton to address community concerns outside our control. Examples:
  • Trees lining the entrance on 119 St.
  • Increase lighting along the pathways to the park.

The board thanks you for your support.