April 20, 2017

The role of a Homeowner Association (HOA) is to maintain, augment and enhance the community. The West Rutherford Homeowner Association (WRHOA) is relatively new and represents the interests of approximately 1800 property owners. Due to circumstances beyond our control the past year has been a challenging time for the WRHOA. That said, I feel we are currently well positioned to move forward in a positive direction.

​On behalf of the HOA and the members of our community I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the contributions and hard work of our past President (Quinn), our former Secretary/Treasurer (Trish), and board member (Deb). The amount of time and work that Trish alone committed to our organization went beyond the call of duty for a volunteer. Personally, I am forever grateful for what she did for us while we navigated the throes of not having a property management company while we researched the selection of a new one. Deb was instrumental in guiding us through the property management selection process and Quinn, as always, was a calm head that prevailed.

At the last Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was held on March 9th members in attendance voted to include four new board members. Returning members Hali, Roland and myself welcome our new board members – Chris, Vicki, Joanne, and Anny. We appreciate the energy and fresh perspective they will bring to the board.

The first meeting of the board took place last week. At that time an executive was established. Based on our first board meeting, I am confident that we are all committed to doing what is best for the community, representing your interests and addressing your concerns as homeowners in West Rutherford.

Community members who did not attend our AGM should be aware that a motion was tabled to dissolve the HOA. In discussion at our board meeting it became apparent that many WRHOA members may not have a complete understanding of the benefits of the HOA nor the value of the annual fee. So far HOA fees have been allocated to maintaining the common areas which are not the responsibility of the City of Edmonton yet are enhancements within our community i.e.: the entrance brick work, fountains and common fencing. Investment in maintaining these areas may seem unnecessary and insignificant to some, however we have all witnessed other communities which have over time allowed these areas to degrade, making those neighbourhood appear less attractive and subsequently reducing the value of those properties. The WRHOA fee ensures that our community continues to look great. It is also important for members to know that although our HOA is relatively new – in time, as the financial situation improves the HOA, with input from the community, has the liberty of taking on other initiatives which will enhance the community and benefit those living in West Rutherford, such as a skating rink. In essence the fees are similar to an insurance policy and are really an investment in your property and the community as a whole.

As Board members we represent the interests of all members therefore in this situation as this motion was made at the AGM it is incumbent upon the HOA to put this to a full membership vote. There are specific steps that must be taken for this and we will keep you informed as we move through the process. I believe it is important for everyone you to be aware of the benefits of and consequences of dissolving the HOA, so you can make an informed choice when called upon to do so. In the interim we have asked our lawyer to investigate the legal aspects as well as the costs involved. We have already learned that homeowners would remain accountable for outstanding fees, that money left in the HOA would be need to be donated to a charity and that all encumbrances would need to be legally removed from the 1800+ properties.

I am very optimistic about the future of our HOA and what we will be able to accomplish moving forward. The board is in the process of preparing a newsletter which will be distributed to all HOA members however I encourage you to regularly check the HOA web site www.westrutherford.ca as we will post information there as it becomes available.




The WRHOA welcomes Group Three Property Management Inc.

The WRHOA Board of Directors is thrilled to announce they have entered into a Property Management agreement with Group Three Property Management Inc. Group Three is a boutique-style property management company who has over 30 years of experience in offering a full range of property management and real estate services.

​The Property Manager for the West Rutherford HOA is Ms. Sundas Khan.

​Sundas can be reached through email at manager@westrutherford.ca or be telephone at 780.577.1420. Please allow up to 2 business days for inquiries.

​If you have not updated your contact information since February 1st of 2016, please complete the contact form to update your mailing address and contact information for future mail outs.