September, 2016

The affairs of the WRHOA are managed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of volunteers in the community. As volunteers, and as permitted by the WRHOA Bylaws, the WRHOA retains the services of agents to administer the operations of the WRHOA. In this regard, on May 1, 2015, the WRHOA entered into a Management Agreement with its most recent property manager. On February 1, 2016, that property manager suspended all contractual services with the WRHOA without notice. As a result, the WRHOA commenced legal proceedings against that property manager which are currently pending before the courts.

In addition, the WRHOA commenced a comprehensive search for a replacement property manager and is the final stages of its due diligence review. It is expected that a new property manager will be retained within the next few weeks. In the meantime, the WRHOA has been self managed and the WRHOA Board has taken several steps to fulfill the responsibilities of the WRHOA and ensure a seamless transition to the new property manager for its members including:

  • Obtaining it’s own PO Box No, telephone and fax number and email address.
  • Implementing payment processing by Credit Card and eTransfer;
  • Updating all Encumbrances on the Land Titles to ensure that the contact information for the WRHOA is current; and
  • Responding to member inquiries and updating FAQ as needed on its website;
  • Maintaining the necessary maintenance, fence painting and landscaping for the area;
  • Processing payments, corresponding with lawyers and homeowners and maintaining a current owner’s list with information provided.

As you are aware, the WRHOA homeowner fees are due annually. At this time, the WRHOA Board of Directors has decided to continue the early incentive payment of $100 for a single-family home (includes duplex, triplex and fourplex) and $50 for a multi-family home (includes Condominiums) until November 30th, 2016. If you have arrears on your account, your payment will not be processed until full payment is received. If you need an updated balance on your account, please contact us via our contact form. Please provide the names on your Legal Title, your WRHOA address, your mailing address (if you do not live on site), a contact email address and a contact phone number.

Once a new property manager is hired, an introduction letter, as well as updated information on your account will be mailed to the address provided on our current owner’s list.

If you have any questions, please the website or contact us via our contact form.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

The WRHOA Board of Directors