Work Completed in 2023

Fences Repaired and Replaced:

1272 Rutherford Way

1274 Rutherford Way

1803 122 St.

1855 Rutherford Rd

1868 Rutherford Rd

1905 120A St.

The 2300 Block of Rutherford Way

12248 16 Ave

12304 20 Ave

12248 16 Ave SW


-Barb Surry completed the 2022 Audit.

-The Board engaged 5 Star Holiday Décor for the Holiday lights for 2023.

-Entry Markers were watered and maintained by Capital City Contracting.

-Completed the Reserve Fund Study.

-Replaced lights on walkways.

-Invested in GICs.

-Purchased a new pump for the south fountain, after the previous one broke.