• Repairs to the fence on 126 Street and 17 Ave, multiple areas
  • Outside of 120A Street
  • 20 Ave walkway
  • Fence replacement with retaining walls on both sides on 126 Street
  • Rutherford Rd SW fence repairs
  • Rutherford Court
  • Robertson Crescent
  • 16 Ave SW
  • 124 Street and 15 Ave SW
  • Tamaya Wynd II
  • In the fall some of the community entry markers were vandalized, and the letters and emblems were stolen. These have been replaced.
  • Additional landscaping was completed in 2022.
  • The Board engaged 5 Star Holiday Décor for the Holiday lights in 2022.

The WRHOA Board of Directors has been working with EPCOR on eliminating duckweed in the North Rutherford Pond. EPCOR launched a pilot project where they installed an aerator in the pond to help clear the duckweed that is currently present there.

In the AGM Packages there will be an Architectural Guideline for Roofs included in the package. This was developed by the Board of Directors to help Owners when it comes time to replacing your roof on knowing what color and type of roof to move forward with. If Homeowners have questions regarding roof replacement they can always reach out to the West Rutherford HOA at info@westrutherford.com or 780-577-1420.